Econorack Mezzanine Flooring

Econorack manufactures a mezzanine floor that uses Medium duty racking as the support. A steel platform is set up on top of the shelving and either wood or steel is used to create the platform, allowing a customer to have storage space on top of the racking while still being able to store on the racking below. A staircase is added to gain access to the upper storage levels. Econorack’s mezzanine flooring system is stand alone structure, typically designed to maximise the storage space available.

Advantages of including a Mezzanine floor in your storage area are:

  • Double capacity storage upstairs and ground level
  • Flooring can be relocated to new premises
  • Designed to take a maximum of 250 kg m2
  • Available in all popular shelf sizes
  • Available with Wood or Steel platform
Econorack Mezzanine Flooring