Storage Solutions - Cardboard Bin Boxes

Econorack manufactures and supplies cardboard bin boxes. These are an ideal addition to organise your shelving system. These boxes assist with storing smaller items such as bolts, nuts, screws etc. They are manufactured to work with the depth of your shelving for a perfect fit and maximum usage of storage space. i.e. 305mm, 381mm, 457mm and 610mm.

Sold in bundles of 50.

Colours: Plain Cardboard or white finish (No wax finish available)

**White bins are made to order and are not a stock item.


Bin Sizes

Stock 1Brown50mm110mm300mm
Stock 2Brown75mm110mm300mm
Stock 3Brown100mm110mm300mm
Stock 4Brown150mm110mm300mm
Stock 5Brown300mm110mm300mm
Stock 6Brown75mm110mm380mm
Stock 7Brown150mm110mm380mm
Stock 8Brown300mm110mm380mm
Stock 9Brown75mm110mm460mm
Stock 10Brown150mm110mm460mm
Stock 11Brown300mm110mm460mm