Storage Solutions - Plastic Bin Boxes and Wall Panels

Bin boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit the panel that bolts directly to the wall.

Panels also vary in size to accommodate your requirements.

The Bin Boxes can be sold individually or sold as a set with the wall mounted panels.

This is the perfect solution for workshops or garages that require systematic storage of smaller items.

Plastic Bins:
Standard colour: Black.

Colours available: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, white, clear.

Stackable, can be cliped on a panel or free standing on a shelving unit.

Colours: Grey, Teal or Black (Custom colours are available on request)

Panel Sizes

450x500mmT80442Louvre panelTeal
900x500mmT80443Louvre panelTeal
1400x500mmT80444Louvre panelTeal
1800x500mmT80445Louvre panelTeal
450x500mmT80442GLouvre panelGrey
900x500mmT80443GLouvre panelGrey
1400x500mmT80444GLouvre panelGrey
1800x500mmT80445GLouvre panelGrey
450x500mmT80442ZLouvre panelBlack
900x500mmT80443ZLouvre panelBlack
1400x500mmT80444ZLouvre panelBlack
1800x500mmT80445ZLouvre panelBlack

Bin Sizes

Code 2Black105mm75mm135mm
Code 3Black105mm75mm190mm
Code 4Black140mm130mm210mm
Code 5Black140mm130mm280mm
Code 6Black210mm180mm280mm
Code 7Black210mmm180mm375mm
Code 8Black420mm180mm375mm