Established in 2004 by Colin Du Plessis, who has been in the racking and shelving industry for more than 20 years, Econorack is an expanding company dedicated to manufacturing quality racking and shelving systems and as an SME, Econorack know the difficulties in running a medium sized enterprise. We can help fit your storage requirements into your available budget. As you grow and your requirements change, we can update your storage solutions to suit your needs.

At Econorack we pride ourselves on giving excellent service with a personal touch. Our motto is “KISS” – Keep It Simple Shelving! We want to supply from the little guy to the big corporate with economical storage solutions nationwide!Econorack - New Products. Our aim is to provide a service to the storage industry and general public that is practical and economical & we visualise the business growing but never losing the personal touch.

We manufacture medium, standard & light duty pallet racking systems, easy to assemble bolt-on shelving systems, corner shelving units & mezzanine flooring systems, creating economical storage solutions for the factory, office and home.

Our versatile racking & shelving systems can be used in a wide range of configurations with specifications to suit and maximise your storage space.

We do our own powder coating so we can supply your storage solutions in the colour your request (terms and conditions apply) or powder coat your items. Econorack also supply bin boxes and labels, metal lockers and filing cabinets.

We run specials on our racking and shelving systems and we also list the second hand items we are selling, so please click on the button to the right to go there now.


By using our easy-to-assemble nuts and bolts shelving, combined with our Corner Shelving units it's easy to maximise the storage in any space, whether it's a garage, shed or office.

Add our plastic or cardboard storage bins and you can tidy up your skrews, nuts & bolts or your craft material in no time.

Watch the video to see just how the storage space in this shed has been maximised!

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